The bacco emulators provide predictions for cosmological quantities in a wide range of cosmologies, including massive neutrinos and dynamical dark energy.

Our available emulators are:

The bacco project is under constant development. Emulators get updated as we improve them. Please check out our documentation to have information about installation and usage, our pip page to see the easiest installation way, and our bitbucket public repository to make sure you are up to date with our latest release of the code and the emulators.


pip installation

public repository

Further resources: docker and google collab notebook

In case you don't have access to any of the packages or don't feel like installing all the needed libraries, we constructed a docker that will work no matter the kind of software you have, as long as you can use dockers in your computer (which usually happens in most of them). Find it at the following link. The docker comes with an example on how to use baccoemu in the specific case of extracting cosmological parameters from the monopole of a galaxy distribution. It also installs emcee and works on a Jupyter notebook. This exercise was used in the Winter School of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands in 2022.

WARNING: The docker comes with all neccessary packages preinstalled. The full weight of the docker is 6Gb, so make sure you have this space in disk before downloading it!

We make available also a google collab notebook, which can be found here, to play around with the same example included in the docker, without installing anything!

Please, take a look also at...

These emulators are produced within the bacco project. To build them, we have taken advantage of many techniques developed in our group. In particular, you might be interested in