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Everything around you is part of the Universe, but, in fact, it's such a tiny portion of all there is! Matter, light, and other forms of energy are organised into forming a complex and fascinating structure, the Cosmic web! And the Cosmic web is precisely what we study here at DIPC: we try to describe it in mathematical terms and to simulate it (its origin, evolution, dynamics) in a computer. We are committed at disseminating our work about the Cosmic web, what it's made of, how it evolves, what is the physical nature of unknown phenomena such as dark matter and dark energy, so...

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Check out dipc, Eureka!, the cinema&science annual movie cycle and pint of science!

Moreover, below you will find a selection of wallpapers and videos obtained from our computer simulations!

Find us on youtube!

We have a youtube channel in which we post videos showing the large scale structure of the universe, comparing the distribution of matter, haloes and galaxies and other features that can be visualized from cosmological simulations.